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Mani Export was established in 1988, It was founded and established by Shri Mathurbhai Sojitra. Ever since, the corporation’s fundamental principles have been accountability, confidence and integrity. Mani Export has developed its very own empire over the past decades and is considered to be a successful manufacturer of diamonds.

The business is firmly founded on values and traditions, and the roles of the company management are now being slowly transferred to the highly qualified young generation. The three sons of Mr Mathurbhai Sojitra, Anil Sojitra, Alpesh Sojitra and Chetan Sojitra now play an important role in the core fields of the company’s buying, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and global management. 

We are recognized for importing, processing and exporting diamonds to several other firms across the globe. We sell to a range of countries across the globe including the USA, Hong Kong, China, Israel and the UK being the major ones. To get the rough diamond, we connect with Russia, Belgium, Botswana and Dubai to turn the raw stones into the sparkling polished diamond that reach you.

At Mani, each division works with the same morals as the main office, and this is evident from the performance of each business segment and also the history of year-on-year progress! With the advantage of getting the finest suppliers for rough diamonds and even the opportunity to deliver polished diamonds and finished jewellery at the highest available downstream value, we are indeed the choice that our consumers are searching for. Mani’s Jewellery manufacturing wing runs under the name Mani Jewel and Amarta Jewels.

Round Diamond
Round Diamond
our vision- natural diamond

Our VIsion

By setting benchmarks of craftsmanship, we hope to become a favored provider of excellent cut solitaire diamonds. To achieve long-term development while forming collaborative relationships with key stakeholders such as producers, staff, suppliers, clients, and the whole community.

our mission - rough diamond

Our mission

Strive to evolve, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and bring high-quality goods to the market in an environmentally responsible manner. Keep investing in individuals while committing to our core values.

Why Choose Us?
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Being 32 years in the business, Mani Export is one of the leading supplier of polished and loose diamonds. We have been a diverse provider to B2B clients, retailers and large jewellery merchants. We, at Mani, believe that customers contribute positively and add value to our business.

Our manufacturing knowledge promotes innovation and excellence in each and every stage of production. Diamonds are manufactured by professional craftsmen and handled with attention. The colour ranges from D-Fancy is also certified & non-certified. The company has its diamond manufacturing factory in Surat installed with latest equipment, controlled by highly qualified employees, effective planning, quick production with modern aged quality management framework.

Round Diamond
Round Diamond
a successful manufacturer of diamonds.
Our Manufacturing
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Our team of artisans utilises massively complicated technology to create a precise picture to maintain the balance among ones requirements as well as the optimal look mandated for clients work of art.


  • CUT

The cut grade indicates whether the diamond was cut to maximize sparkle.

This grade refers to the "whiteness" of a diamond, or its lack of color.

The clarity grade is based on only tiny natural identifiers found within a diamond.

This is a measure of a diamond's weight and a reflection of its size.

IF to Pique
VVS to Pique
IF to SI2
IF to SI2
IF to I2
0.005 Carats to 3 Carats
0.005 Carats to 3 Carats
0.18 Carats to 3 Carats
0.30 Carats to 3 Carats
0.20 Carats to 5 Carats
D-H, I-J, K-L
D-H, I-J, K-L
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Our Services
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Mani Group is a key player in the Diamond Industry. We have a number of firms such as Diamond Manufacturer, Diamond Exporter, Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer, Diamond Jewellery Exporter and Diamond Jewellery Retailer, Mani’s different companies are individually operated under the control and direction of its administrators. Luxury is indeed a desired value, and a genuine premium brand such as Mani, has a connection to clients’ hearts. Mani is aware of its customer’s requirements and standards, and also their emotional drivers. The jewelers of Mani will transform ideas into products of aspiration using the expertise they have acquired.

MANI JEWEL is a symbol of unique and exclusive jewellery collection, specialized in authentic, traditional as well as exclusive fashion jewellery. Established in 2001 as a manufacturer & wholesaler, with a commendation from our parent company MANI EXPORT PVT LTD a well-known reputed diamond Exporter & Importer since last four decades.

Our consistent efforts, transparent business practices and ethical values empowered us to earn the trust and confidence of our valued buyers. We house more than 10,000+ designs which are crafted to perfection giving the flexibility to you to customize the products gold purity, color, diamond size & clarity to suit your needs. With in-house team of award winning designers and craftsmen creating a perfect blend of contemporary as well as classic designs. With cutting edge innovation & latest technology we make sure the brilliance is well reflected in our jewellery.

Diamonds are to be worn by everyone and that’s why we bring you Affordable Diamond Jewellery! Our Amarta Jewellery goes beyond the 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat of Diamonds! Here, we challenge the belief that Diamond Jewellery is too expensive & not for everybody. Amarta Jewels creates the most precious, unique diamond jewellery, customized for you and at the finest quality. Through Amarta, we are living up to the trust that we have garnered for over two decades with our parent company Mani Jewel. Our goal – to craft the Finest Diamond jewellery at the most affordable rate. We strive to bring you Luxury because we believe Luxury is a state of Mind.

Amarta Jewels synonymous to Affordable Luxury.
Amarta, Affordable Luxury was started out of our passion for jewelry and E-commerce. Our focus – to provide distinctive products & a variety of digital e-commerce solutions.

We aim to enable more people to be able to start their own jewelry businesses. We provide our jeweler clients with a professional and customized e-commerce website, where they can publish our products & theirs.

Jewellerskart is our B2B platform where we believe in spinning modern-day tales of success. Established in the early 2000’s, we are a team of visionaries, headquartered in Mumbai and having offices in Surat, and Delhi. We cherish a simple dream – Simplifying Ecommerce for our fellow Jewellers!

What Makes a Business Innovative ?
Digital Transformation
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During the last few years, disruptive technology has given rise to new opportunities, especially in the diamond trade. We at Mani are able to offer the very same degree of openness towards any individual who orders from our app or website.

Every interaction will be smooth on our new website as well as on the Mobile App. In which you can query and locate our diamonds with a minimal level of difficulty and complete satisfaction.

Moving the world together
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Social Welfare

Social welfare provision refers to any program which seeks to provide a minimum level of income, service or other support for the disadvantaged people such as the poor, elderly, disabled, students, unpaid workers such as mothers and other caregivers, and underprivileged groups.

Health Care

The fundamental purpose of health care is to enhance quality of life by enhancing health. We have sponsored blood donation camps in Surat and also funded Best Super Multi Specialty Hospital which is a “NOT FOR PROFIT” Organization.


One of the most important benefits of education is that it improves personal lives and helps the society to run smoothly. We run a school in the rural areas of Gujarat for the local people residing there. We are also trustee for a reputable educational institute - "SARDAR DHAM".

Employee Wellness

Welfare facilities enable the employees to live a richer and more satisfactory life. The various Welfare activities that can be provided to the employees include provision of loans, free medical facilities, retirement benefits, education facilities for the employee’s and their families, housing benefits, etc.

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Action speaks louder than the words
Chairman’s Message
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Founder and Chairman Mathur B. Sojitra

Our story began in Surat back in 1971, when I started a new diamond production facility with only four polishing wheels. Today, we are a global corporation that employs 1,000+ employees and works in the Diamond Chain, from Rough to Retail.

Diamond Processing continues at the centre of our company's business and we now have a devoted R&D team which is a symbol of our dedication to innovations. Our professionally trained employees and experienced executive team maintain state-of-the-art facilities using the latest innovative technology and express the company's dedication to quality improvement.

Trained artisans with modern technologies and our strong management team have indeed been our strengths that have enabled us step ahead and brought Mani Export to the new heights.

I am sincerely thankful for the confidence put on us by our suppliers and our customers. While we continue to find new problems, retain our long-term concentration on innovation and contribute ourselves to significant social contributions, I credit our roaring success to the dedication of the entire Mani Export team.

Mathur B. Sojitra

Founder and Chairman