Company Info

Mani Exports has flourished in the Diamond industry for over three decades, distinguished by its Superior Quality, Exceptional Service & Unwavering Commitment to Excellence.

Dreams don’t workunless you do

During the last five decades, Mani Export has developed to become a worldwide known and renowned contributor to the diamond industry. Our competence is in producing a consistent supply of excellent polished diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ever since, the corporation’s fundamental principles have been accountability, confidence and integrity. Mani Export has developed its very own empire over the past decades and is considered to be a successful manufacturer of diamonds.

The business is firmly founded on values and traditions, and the roles of the company management are now being slowly transferred to the highly qualified young generation. The three sons of Mr Mathurbhai Sojitra, Anil Sojitra, Alpesh Sojitra and Chetan Sojitra now play an important role in the core fields of the company’s buying, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and global management.

We are recognized for importing, processing and exporting diamonds to several other firms across the globe. We sell to a range of countries across the globe including the USA, Hong Kong, China, Israel and the UK being the major ones. To get the rough diamond, we connect with Russia, Belgium, Botswana and Dubai to turn the raw stones into the sparkling polished diamonds that reach you.

At Mani, each division works with the same morals as the main office, and this is evident from the performance of each business segment and also the history of year-on-year progress! With the advantage of getting the finest suppliers for rough diamonds and even the opportunity to deliver polished diamonds and finished jewellery at the highest available downstream value, we are indeed the choice that our consumers are searching for. Mani’s Jewellery manufacturing wing runs under the name Mani Jewel and Amarta Jewels.

Our Values

Our company values include integrity,dependability, and confidence, whichwe uphold in all of our interactions withassociates, customers, and personnel.

Our Vision

By setting benchmarks of craftsmanship,we hope to become a favoured provider ofexcellent cut solitaire diamonds. Toachieve long-term development whileforming collaborative relationships withkey stakeholders such as producers, staff,suppliers, clients, and the wholecommunity.

Our Mission

Strive to evolve, embrace cutting-edgetechnologies, and bring high-quality goodsto the market in an environmentallyresponsible manner. Keep investing inindividuals while committing to our corevalues.

our core values



At MANI, we prioritize care in every facet of our business, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and respect for our customers, employees, and the environment.



Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver superior quality and craftsmanship in every piece of diamond and jewellery we create.



Creativity is at the heart of MANI. We constantly innovate to design unique and timeless pieces of jewel that inspires and delights our customers.


Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement, striving to enhance our processes and products to exceed customer expectations consistently.



Our customer-centric approach ensures that we place your needs and desires at the forefront, providing personalized service and exceptional assortments and jewellery tailored to your preferences.

At Mani Exports, we collaborate with you, conducting detailed research to fulfill your requirements.