Mani Exports has flourished in the Diamond industry for over three decades, distinguished by its Superior Quality, Exceptional Service & Unwavering Commitment to Excellence.

Diamond Provenance

A secure digital audit trail that follows the journey of a diamond from the source to the end product.

Knowing the true prevalence of a diamond is crucial in ensuring transparency and traceability from mines to market. Through diamond provenance, the entire journey of a diamond is discovered, its proof of integrity is checked. And the assurance of its true value is secured through unique secure digital tags and audit trail. In other words, it ensures that every diamond from MANI Export is an ethically sourced natural diamond.

At MANI Export we are extremely careful with the procurement of every rough diamond. A secure digital audit trail is maintained right from sourcing, sorting, cutting, and polishing right up to the finished stone. Our diamond time-lapse report has real-time data on the origin of the diamond, the contribution of master craftsmen, the certification of all major processes until it reaches the consumer.

Through this process, we stringently follow responsible practices across the entire span of sourcing and manufacturing, thus giving an assurance of conflict-free natural diamonds to our customers. Our process with sourcing high-quality roughs from only the countries that are a participant in Kimberley Process continues through providing beautifully cut and polished diamonds until It reaches the consumers.

Bagging and Fluting

Our bagging and fluting services do a lot to help jewelers get diamonds graded according to their requirements.

We provide perfectly calibrated diamonds that must go through the highest QC standards. These diamonds come with an assurance that they are natural and are delivered in tamper-proof bags to ensure product integrity.


We provide consistent diamond assortments according to customer requirements for different designs of jewelry.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of natural brown diamonds and are a preferred supplier to a large number of jewelry manufacturers and retailers.

Talk to a Professional

We have a panel of expert gemologists and jewelry design specialists to assist you in optimizing your jewelry designs for maximum aesthetic appeal and matching price points and quality objectives. This is part of our endeavor to partner with you in every step of the way and provide the best possible service and supply chain support to help your business grow.

Through use of innovative technology and their skill and experience, our experts are well placed to offer the best possible advice to help you bring your creations to the market in the most efficient and optimized way.

Online Diamond Portal

During the last few years, disruptive technology has given rise to new opportunities, especially in the diamond trade. We at Mani are able to offer the very same degree of openness towards any individual who orders from our app or website.

Every interaction will be smooth on our new website as well as on the Mobile App. In which you can query and locate our diamonds with a minimal level of difficulty and complete satisfaction.

At Mani Exports, we collaborate with you, conducting detailed research to fulfill your requirements.