Our Journey

Mani Exports has flourished in the Diamond industry for over three decades, distinguished by its Superior Quality, Exceptional Service & Unwavering Commitment to Excellence.

Gujarat to Surat

In 1968 Mathurbhai Sojitra moved from a village of Gujarat to Surat with his brothers & then the journey continues.


Business continued

Along with his brothers, he built a factory with necessary machinery and desirable work conditions. Business continued to flourish with the hard work and efficiency of all the brothers.


First business trip

Mathurbhai Sojitra went on a business trip to Antwerp for the first time ever. This opened new avenues of business for him and his company continued to grow.


Second Factory

Mathurbhai Sojitra built the second factory in Surat, Gujarat.


Offfice in Bangkok

Brothers decided to expand their company, so they have opened an office in Bangkok.


Xpanded our footprints

As time passed and the company grew, we expanded our footprints in Hong Kong and USA.


Four-storey factory building

Shri Mathurbhai Sojitra developed a new four-storey factory building (Mani Empire) with upgraded technology and with laser machines and computer-based management systems. The factory accommodated 1000 craftsperson and 200 staff members.


New office in Antwerp

After expanding their operations to Bangkok, Hong Kong and the United States, they decided to expand their operations to other countries, so they opened a new office in Antwerp, Belgium.


Manufacturing unit in SEEPZ

Shri Mathurbhai Sojitra expanded and diversified into the jewelry segment and he set up Mani Jewel — a jewelry manufacturing unit in SEEPZ, Mumbai — to cater to international clients.


New unit in Dhari, Gujarat

A couple of years later, he built another state-of-art manufacturing unit in Dhari, Gujarat.


30 factories

Mani Export had 30 factories with 3 being in house.


Private Limited Company

Mani Exports was converted to a Private Limited company- "Mani Export Private Limited"


First website and mobile application

Our 3rd and 4th generation entrepreneurs launched our first website and mobile application as a part of Digital Transformation.


Grand Annual meet

Organised our Grand Annual meet with the whole Mani Family and appreciated the efforts of the whole Team.


Office in Bharat Diamond Bourse

Expanded our head office in Bharat Diamond Bourse in order to serve better. According to the new trends, we re-launched our website and mobile


First e-commerce website

Last few years, disruptive technology has given rise to new opportunities and we launched our first e-commerce website and mobile application.


Redeveloped the factory (Mani Empire)

Shri Mathurbhai Sojitra redeveloped the factory (Mani Empire) and made it a better and efficient work place.


Re-launched our website

Re-launched our website and app with latest technology.


Rebranded with new culture

Rebranded with new culture, new focus, and new goals!

At Mani Exports, we collaborate with you, conducting detailed research to fulfill your requirements.